How can local knowledge improve the Flood Model?

Learn about how the First Street Foundation team uses community science and local knowledge to improve the Flood Model.


At the First Street Foundation, we use a wide variety of research methods to collect information about flood protection and mitigation measures across the country. One important method is the partner with people living in different communities across the country who might have local knowledge that could be useful to the continued refinement of our model. Community scientists, including you, can help us by letting the Flood Factor research team know about any flood protection measures in your area.

If you have information to share, please use the form below. Below the form, we offer a guide to how we plan on using this information. If the form is not loading, please access it using this link.

Our current flood model takes into account estimated protection areas from adaptation features to inform flood risk. Based on our state-by-state research process, we have included completed adaptation features in the model. Moving forward, our team is continuing to conduct research on adaptation projects around the country and would like to gather user input to get more detail on local projects. After a project is submitted, our team of researchers will analyze and verify the project for inclusion in our adaptation database. New flood protection information will be incorporated into the flood model and updated during one of our scheduled quarterly updates.

Thank you again for your submission and for taking the time to work with us!


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