Relocate a home out of a high risk flood zone

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About relocation

Relocating a home out of a high risk flood zone is a flood mitigation option in which a homeowner moves their home to a less vulnerable area on the same property or on a new property. A home is lifted off its foundation, placed on a flatbed trailer, brought to the new location, and then lowered onto a new foundation. It is important to note that although this method is effective in protecting a home from flood risk, it is typically the most expensive retrofitting method. The entire property a home exists on may be in a flood zone so moving a home may require the purchase of a new property out of the flood zone. To see property, neighborhood, city, county, or state flood risk go to Flood Factor. Local government pages also can show local flood maps or connect to FEMA flood maps so that people can have a full picture of their potential flood risk.

Considerations of relocation

There are many considerations to take into account before relocating a home. The condition of a home dictates whether it will be moved successfully or not. A home moving contractor must inspect the condition of a home before it is lifted to make sure it is structurally sound. The size, design, and shape of a home also affects how easy it will be to relocate a home. Homes of greater size and weight, such as masonry homes, are harder to move than lighter wood frame homes. Single story homes with crawlspace or basement foundations allow contractors to easily lift homes from the foundation because it is easier to install lifting equipment on these foundations. Make sure to acquire the necessary permits before moving a home on public roads. Also, it is important to make sure that a home can physically fit on the route to the new relocation site. Consider narrow roads, low clearances under bridges, and restrictive load capacities of roads. 


The image above shows a home that has been lifted from its foundation and is being moved.

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