Reduce damage of future flooding with property acquisitions

Learn what property acquisitions are and how they are included in flood projections. 



Acquisition refers to the purchase of private property by the government for public use. In the case of flood acquisitions, the process involves the purchase of a property in a floodway in order to reduce the damage of future flooding on the site and/or for properties adjacent to the one being acquired.


Flooded property from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Chicago - Chicago, Illinois


Flood risk reduction

Information on Flood Factor comes from the First Street Foundation Flood Model. An acquisition is one of the 40 different types of flood risk reduction projects, known as adaptation, that this model considers when calculating and validating flood projections. 


The Adaptation Team continues to collect information on the flood infrastructure that exists across the country to make sure the Flood Model includes as many adaptation projects as possible. If you know of any projects that are not shown today, please help the team by submitting this flood protection project user input form. The adaptation database contains 23,000 features today. We know there are more projects to include and value your input!


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