What are the differences between Flood iQ and Flood Factor?

Learn about the differences between Flood iQ and Flood Factor.


About Flood iQ

Flood iQ, created by First Street Foundation in 2018, helped Americans visualize their risk of coastal flooding and allow them to see how floods could change due to sea level rise.  

About Flood Factor

Launched in 2020, Flood Factor builds upon the basic premise of Flood iQ, to help people understand their flood risk and how it will evolve over time. In addition it supports over 145 million properties across 48 states, incorporating even more data and cutting-edge flood modeling technology. 


Flood iQ

Flood Factor

Supports 13 coastal states

Supports 48 inland and coastal states

Considers sea level rise in future projections

Considers sea level rise, changes in precipitation patterns, and more under multiple climate scenarios

Shows risks for coastal floods, like high tides and storm surge

Shows risks from all flood sources, including heavy rains and overflowing rivers

Deterministic - shows what would happen under a specific set of circumstances.

Probabilistic - calculates likelihood of flood events


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