Understand the impact of flooding to renters

Learn about the impacts of flooding for renters. 


Quality of life

Major flood events can pose a serious safety threat to all members of a community, requiring evacuations and causing damage to its homes, businesses, schools, and infrastructure, like roads, electrical grids, and sewage systems. Although renters may not have to worry about damage to their building, major floods can still ruin their belongings and create mold and other health hazards. 

Renters may also be impacted by nuisance flooding that occurs frequently but isn’t associated with a major flood event, like the king tides experienced in many coastal communities. Nuisance floods often disrupt day-to-day life by limiting sidewalk access or closing roads, parking lots, and parks.

Renters and Flood Insurance

Most renters insurance policies do not cover flood damage, so renters may want to purchase flood insurance policies to help fiscally protect themselves in the event of a flood caused by storm surge, heavy rains, overflowing rivers, or broken levees or dams. 

Some fiscal risk may exist, however, as neither renters insurance nor flood insurance cover living expenses incurred if a flood necessitates vacating their home. 


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