If you can’t find your address or other location on Flood Factor

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There are a number of reasons an address or location may not appear on Flood Factor today:

  1. The location hasn’t been modeled yet.
    At this time, the First Street Foundation Flood Model only incorporates properties from the contiguous United States, which excludes Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories. 
  2. Publicly available information is limited or unavailable.
    For example, in some counties, cities, or towns, digital property data does not exist. In other cases, new property lines and developments are not yet included in public property records.
  3. The Flood Model’s data for a particular area is under review.
    Flood Factor data comes from the Flood Model. Like all flood models, it will improve and change as new and better information becomes available. To ensure accuracy, some data may be temporarily unavailable while being reviewed and validated.
  4. The search is unable to find the correct address or location.
    When a location is searched, its longitude and latitude coordinates on Mapbox are matched against those in the Flood Model. This matching can be imprecise, particularly for apartment or condominium complexes, and for areas with partial or outdated public property records.


Share information

Individuals are encouraged to share information on missing locations as well as information that could impact their property’s Flood Factor, such as personal or community flood risk reduction projects, by submitting a request through our contact forms.


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