Understanding your home’s estimated flood damage costs

How Flood Factor’s newest tool helps you learn your home’s average annual flood costs based on your flood risk. 

First Street Foundation has incorporated historical data from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to estimate current and future annual flood damage estimates, which capture a homeowner’s average annual cost to repair structural flood damage. These estimates are based on the likelihood and depth of flood damage to a building, as well as building characteristics.

What are flood damage estimates?

Average annual flood damage estimates provide a powerful new way to understand flood risk in terms of its potential dollar cost to property owners. 

Average annual flood damage loss is the total expected cost of flood damage to a home’s structure, averaged over a period of time. Because the risk of loss changes as environmental conditions change, damage estimates generally increase over time as the risk of flooding to a property increases.

It’s important to note that these estimates are different from a property’s Flood Factor, which tells you the likelihood of flood water reaching the building structure at least once over 30 years. How quickly the water reaches the footprint, how long it stays, and the home’s foundation type have a lot to do with the actual damage the home may experience. 

What do these estimates include?

Each assessment is based directly on each property's unique flood risk and known or estimated building characteristics. The damage estimates are explicitly related to flood risk, and do not include damage a home might incur from winds or other hazards associated with storms. They also only consider building damage– they do not include damage to the contents of a home, or other costs associated with flood damage. 


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